After Neymar’s injury: Will he join the Bayern Munich match

Neymar had scored for Paris Saint-Germain against Lille in the Ligue 1 match, assisting on Kylian Mbappe’s opener in their 4-3 victory

The French champions looked fine after three defeats on the rebound, and Neymar was leading at half-time, but disaster struck when Lille’s Benjamin Andre got into an unfortunate tangle with the 31-year-old, seeing his ankle turn horribly in the wrong direction

Neymar’s right foot deviated when it hit the ground, and I saw him writing on the ground in pain while his teammates gathered, and after the help of the paramedics, Neymar cautiously got back to his feet and Mbappe stopped him, but he quickly succumbed to the pain, Neymar went down to a stretcher, and punched her furiously from his recent injury, He seemed to be crying as he took out his frustration

Paris Saint-Germain said hours after the match that the striker underwent an MRI scan which showed no ankle fracture but that further tests would be carried out

Mbappe’s arm around Neymar’s shoulder comes after the pair’s relationship was tested in the media. Neymar was seen in a casino after the Champions League defeat by Bayern, and Mbappe made comments about his conditioning to the press

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