Jurgen Klopp comments on Potter, Rodgers and Graham Potter

The German coach, “Juergen Klopp”, coach of the Liverpool team, commented on the dismissal of coaches, “Graham Potter”, coach of Chelsea, and coach “Brendan Rodgers”, coach of Leicester City.

“What can I say, Potter was sacked after Rodgers, but I think Chelsea and Leicester are not where the fans expect them to be,” Klopp said during the press conference against Chelsea, which will take place tomorrow in the 8th round of the English Premier League.

Klopp added: “This is part of the work..and any technical director always fears not achieving his goals, and the season always witnesses decisive moments that determine the decision of any administration, and I think that 12 dismissals in the English Premier League this season are a terrible number, we also have a poor team’s performance.” And there are expectations for each department of the coach and the team, if you do not reach them, you have to accept the decisions.”

Klopp continued: “We cannot do different things, we have to talk more about the match because of its strength and that it comes at a difficult time, but certainly Chelsea wants to regain its balance as well and not just us. Look at the Clasico between Bayern Munich and Dortmund, Bayern showed a very strong reaction without Nagelsmann in the first match with Tuchel.

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